Memod’s Case Study

Memo'd is a note-sharing app where you can find inspirations and ideas shared by a community of creators.




Development, Growth




Development, Growth, Community



Challenges & Business Drivers

Pain point 1: With the proliferation of mobile internet, people are overwhelmed with information and have little time finding quality content -- users want curated high-impact insights in less time and space to be better

Pain point 2: Oftentimes we forget what we’ve read, despite the feeling that we think we remember the information. We believe users will value a fun solution to retain and leverage powerful ideas and insights.

In essence, the fundamental value propositions are 1) surfacing and curating high-impact knowledge and 2) transforming desirable but lengthy content into simple, short, and structured insights.


Product Focus & Intended Outcomes

Social Media Site and Mobile App: Successfully launched a fully-functional social media platform with a responsive design, ensuring compatibility across various devices and operating systems. The platform features an intuitive interface, real-time messaging, multimedia sharing capabilities, and robust privacy settings.

AI Feature for Creators: Introduced an advanced AI feature that leverages machine learning algorithms to suggest content ideas, optimize posting times, and personalize content. This tool assists creators in maximizing their reach and engagement on the platform.