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MCTEKK is your partner in different key areas: Headless E-commerce, Data Analytics and Community. We base our solutions on a new approach we call Kanvas Graph Api Layer, in order to help you scale your business to the next level.

Our Mission

We are deeply committed to addressing business challenges through ingenious coding solutions. In collaboration with our valued partners, we have pinpointed specific domains where we are confident in our ability to drive meaningful change.

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Whether it's enhancing E-commerce platforms, optimizing inventory management systems, or elevating client portals, our extensive experience with a diverse clientele has equipped us to tackle your software-related challenges effectively, enabling you to concentrate on your company's overarching objectives.

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Brands that trust us

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Behind the laptops

The founding team’s principles revolve around providing an atmosphere in which

our team is able to work on things that we are passionate about and make us happy.


Max Castro



Jennifer Herasme

Founder & CEO


Rogelio Morey



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At MCTEKK, we streamline e-commerce, enhance software services, and boost your team’s capabilities. We’re all about making your business run smoother, smarter, and faster. Let's build something great together.