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Web Development

Going from a simple website to a complete web app that integrates to other services via its API, that is how broad web development space is at this time. We have always been a web based company starting way back with PHP 4. We now follow the latest innovations to create agnostic apps that can scale to your business needs.

Some people give PHP a bad name, but not Phalcon. This framework brings security and stability to your product. Did we mention speed? It's the fastest framework to date, with a beautiful workflow that helps us produce clean code that will help scale product features that your business will need to compete on this ever evolving market.

And how it has evolved. Apps can no longer be static, they have to be dynamic and work in real time. This is where Javascript shines, especially with VueJS, another elegant tool that doesn't over complicate things but helps you get the job done.

Mobile Development

Today we consume most of our web from our mobile devices. Everything we develop is responsive, but there are times where responsive design does not provide the best desired user experience and this is where native apps are needed.

Native apps much more time and resources than web apps and we have to work with two different ecosystems (IOS & Android). That is why we work with Xamarin. We can develop cross-platform apps by simplifying the process but providing the native feel you apps needs.

Cloud Infrastructure

Web Apps, API, Mobile Apps; they all need some place to run and that is your cloud. Cloud is not just a magical place where everything will be running, it's a environment that needs work and attention for it to scale to your needs.

This is where AWS excels at. It is the leading cloud-computing service and we have been using it since its beginning. We know what services you will need to make sure you can scale.

Backup Services

Just like having all our apps in the cloud, we have to make sure we have a plan for worst case scenarios in order to restore our system with minimal damage impact.

Is a solution that creates real time backups of your system and their databases, with no down time that will allow you worry about what is really important.

Engineering Services

What kind of solutions we can provide?

Not everybody can manage a technical team and provide the tools to help them be successful. That is why some companies look for external teams that can give them a boost and help finish that missing part in order launch their products.

That's exactly what we provide. With our experience on managing mission critical solutions, we are confident that given the opportunity you will see optimal results.

LATAM User Growth

What kind of solutions we can provide?

Latin America has over 300 million Internet users. Expanding to this market can be challenging, but the opportunities it presents are worthwhile. We know what challenges any new services will be experiencing, and with our knowledge we can help be as efficient as possible in attracting passionate users to your services.

Why hire us?

It's not just because of our technical abilities but because of the passion that we put in our work. We don't look for new clients, we look for new partners where we can provide them with yearly exponential growth with our services.

Our approach

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3 - Development
4 - Testing
5 - Deployment
6 - Iteration (GOTO 1)

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